Coast for Christ Baptist Ministries (CFCBM)

History and Background

Coast for Christ Baptist Ministries (CFCBM), a ministry of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, began as a vision of Rev. Edward J. Enim in the early part of 1981. The ministry became a reality in July of 1995 through prayer and help of Rev. Dan M. Hodges.


CFCBM has the vision of winning the fishing community along the coast of Ghana for Christ.

Ministry Purpose

The Coast for Christ Baptist Ministries exists to:

Statement of Faith

The doctrinal stand of CFCBM, a fully constituted ministry is evangelical.

Target Audience

The target audience of the ministry is the more than 500,000 fisher people along a 200 mile stretch of the coast of Ghana.  These people - uneducated, diseased, and poor - are the marginalized.  They are mostly idol worshipers. 



The ministry, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, uses culturally relevant strategies to teach and engage in one-to-one, house-to-house, and open-air evangelism.

Church Planting

CFCBM engages in planting culturally relevant churches and provides them with the necessary assistance until they become self-propagating, self-supporting and self-governing. Since 1995 the ministry has planted 18 churches and adopted 6 others.

Bible Training Institute

This ministry, established a Bible training school to equip local leaders for the churched and for CFCBM. Missionary lecturers join local pastors in lecturing.

Educational Programs

The Atomu and Hodges Academy for school-ages children was established in 1996. A hundred thousand dollar three-story building to house the school is under construction. The school, which has a current enrolment of 200 Children with enroll 300 more children.

Literacy Program

Laubach facilitators were trained to teach others to read. Fisherman who enrolled in this program are now reading and writing.

Fishing Ministry

The "Church at Sea" is a ministry where converted fishermen reach out to other fishermen on the sea with the gospel. The ministry has affected the lives of about 3000 people.

Medical Ministry

CFCBM runs a mobile clinic to the rural people. Her seventeen-ward hospital serves over 40,000 people in 14 villages. Many have come to Christ through this ministry.

Vocational School

Established in 1998, the vocational school has produced many skilled dress-makers who are now able to fend for themselves and their dependents.  Plans include vocational training for carpentry, masonry, hair-dressing, and mechanics.

HIV-AIDS Program

CFCBM has undertaken HIV-AIDS education to the CFCBM target audience to create awareness of the HIV-AIDS epidemic in Africa.

Provision of Clean Water

Most rural people do not have access to clean drinking water and this ministry undertakes to provide good safe dinking water for the villages.

Farming Ministry

Living only from hand-to-mouth type of farming the ministry provides training in modern method of mechanized farming to move the people from subsistence type of farming to an economic one.